Windshield Replacement

Having to deal with a windshield replacement on your personal or business vehicle can be a traumatic experience for some people. At Preferred Mobile Auto glass, we understand this and the impact that it can have on your day to day life! Our expert customer service staff are standing by seven days a week to take your calls and provide sound advice grounded in our eight years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to rapidly and safely take care of your needs when they arise without adding a significant dent to your finances.

We have found that many automobile owners will ignore basic windshield damage when it occurs. Despite the fact that car manufacturers make the windshield a critical component of the safety “bubble” in today’s cars and trucks, most consumers will wait to seek out assistance until the damage has grown to the point of requiring full glass replacement. As a result, we have formed and trained our mobile replacement teams to be able to respond to your needs at your place of work, business, or even a freeway rest area to help minimize the amount of time that you are driving your vehicle without a 100% safely installed windshield.

Our company takes the time to train and certify all of our technicians to complete auto glass replacement jobs at or above manufacturer requirements. You will not have to deal with any left behind glass, trash, or your old windshield as we will remove everything from the work site before calling the job complete. Many times, auto glass clients are be able to call us out to their place of business on their lunch or other prolonged break, and we can safely accomplish the task without forcing you to miss a significant portion of your busy work day (if you miss any time). Convenience and 100% satisfaction is our goal here at Preferred Mobile Auto Glass.

Lets face it – it gets really hot and humid in the city of Duarte. If you need a quality auto window tinting company, we’ve the firm to turn to. Check out our page for mobile window tinting to learn more about our service.

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