Window Tinting

One of the best aspects about living in Southern California is the large number of days that we have sunshine compared to other locations in the United States. Unfortunately, if your automobile does not have any factory window tinting, the car or truck can get uncomfortably hot! At Preferred Mobile Auto Glass, we understand that comfort is important for those who spend more than a few minutes in their automobile during the day and now provide a high quality window tinting service. Our technicians are trained to provide recommendations on how much tint on the various windows in your car would be appropriate (and street legal) in the state of California. Our tinting service is designed to not only keep your automobile cool, but to also block the harmful UV rays that we see with the sunshine. This will help keep your young family members (and yourself) safe from the constant danger of the sun and just might help save a little money by not having to run the air conditioner as frequently as you do now!

Our window tinting customers can rest assured that we will follow the California tinting laws without exception. Our expert technicians can not only meet the 70% visible light transmission rule for the front and side windows, but will show you how we guarantee this with the appropriate documentation to show law enforcement if you are ever stopped. Additionally, we can legally tent the back and rear side windows of a car as dark as is suitable as long as both of your side mirrors are mounted and in working condition on the automobile. If they are not, then our mobile auto window tinting service techs will provide options to you for our tinting service before starting work. For all new and existing customers, we will also take the time to explain the window tinting process and legal limitations on arrival at the job site.

Best of all, our auto glass company even includes free lifetime warranty on our auto glass tinting in Duarte. No one else can do this and best of all, we do it better than anyone else.

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